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Insurance Claims

We are here to help

From the discovery of a missing diamond in a ring to the theft of all your jewellery, our insurance specialists can expertly assess your jewellery loss. If you are looking for a jeweller to provide a quote to your insurance company, please contact us and we will be pleased to provide a price quote.

We understand the delicate balance between your own needs and the insurance company during this difficult time.  Our team of seasoned professionals are familiar with all types of jewellery from current, antique, domestic and foreign. We learn as much as we can from you about your jewellery to provide accurate replacements of similar quality and value.

We prefer a scheduled appointment so we can dedicate the proper amount of time to allow proper assessment and accurate replacement for you.  If you have any documentation, receipts or photos please bring them along.

Once the assessment is complete within a couple business days, we will contact you and submit your claim to your insurance company.  Leave all the paperwork to us, we take care of everything for you.  Once your claim has been approved, we can proceed to replace your jewellery with your peace of mind as our primary concern.  

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