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We’ve all been there at one time or another. You’re planning a proposal, but you have no idea how to shop for a ring. You love the idea of a better watch, but how on earth do you choose the best for your taste? You have an ancient family heirloom, but you also have no idea how much it’s worth… if you can even fix it.

Jewelry can be hard to work with, but only if you’re dealing with the wrong people. Particularly, employees who care more about the sale than about your problems. You just want some help! That’s where Prestige Jewellers and its experienced staff comes in.  

Here, we believe in solving problems over making sales. Still stuck on that ring? We know just the one. Can’t decide on a watch yet? We help you make the choice. Not sure on that heirloom? We’ll get it appraise


Cleanups, restorations, watch repair, and more, done onsite

Custom Designs

Beautiful one-of-a-kind designs made to conform to your unique taste


Laser Welding

Quick and precise welding machine allows for shorter turnaround time



Add a personal touch to your jewelry

Selected Brands

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